“General Olusegun Obasanjo:” The Greatest Hypocrite And Deceptive President – Part II

Peter Chidi Eze

One thing is to be a hypocrite another thing is to be a deceiver. But to be a hypocrite, a deceiver, vindictive and wicked, that’s too much of a person, especially if he is a president. That’s what Obasanjo means in the dictionary of hypocrisy printed and published in Nigeria’s House of Parliament or is it Nigeria’s National Assembly. The crude and tough talking former general of the northern Nigerian army is at it again. It took him less than 4 days after the news broke out of bribery to the members of the national assembly by Prof. Fabian Osuji , the erstwhile education minister to be fired and criticized members of that house of Operation Loot Nigeria over, 55 million naira, about $373,000 in real money. How long has it been since the news of billions of dollars allegedly stolen by one Mustapha Balogun known to be a former IG of police for Obasanjo to make broadcast to Nigerians? Again what happened to his cousin Dr. Julius Makanjuola, the former permanent secretary ministry of defense who embezzled more than 420 million naira? Where did Obasanjo made the broadcast about it? What happened to more than 300 billion naira allocated to Mr. Tony Anenih to fix roads in Nigeria, as works minister? What happened to more than tens of millions of naira given to the same Tony Anenih for the poverty alleviation program? How did Mr. Barnabas Gemade come to be the national chairman of PDP over chief Sunday Awoniyi? How did he end his chairmanship of that party? How did chief Innocent Audu Ogbe become the chairman of PDP?
Who contested against him in a democracy? How did he end his tenure as PDP chairman? How did Mr. Evans Ewerem become the senate president over the late Dr. Okadigbo who was the senate choice? Where did Mr. Arthur Nzeribe get the 300 million naira he gave the members of national assembly to abort the impeachment process against Obasanjo? How did INEC conduct the 2003 election that saw those who lost in the election becoming the leaders in the national assembly? What happened to the issue of the federal judges declaring the election in Ogun State null and void? Why was no panel set on Ogun State 2003 electoral façade? What happened to one Alhaji Hassan, the INEC commissioner in Anambra State during the April 2003 electoral façade, who used Chris Uba to deny Ndigbo their mandate? Why did Obasnjo not make a broadcast on the kidnap of a governor on July 10, 2003? Why did he use judicial idiots to harass and withdraw a governor’s police seurity? Why did Obasanjo not make a broadcast on the destruction of property visited on Anambra State by Chris Uba and his tugs in November 2004? Why were they not arrested and prosecuted? How did Adolphus Wabara who did not win the 2003 election come to be the senate president? Why? Why? And why? Because he ( Obasanjo) is involved.
Who actually introduced bribery and corruption to the national assembly? It was president Olusegun Obasanjo. How did southwest come to get approval for more than 20 private universities over the rest of the Nigerian States? Whenever an igbo man who has something to do with the government of Obasanjo is involved in reckless financial misdeeds even if it is peanut,, or any Christian minority for that matter, Obasanjo is quick to go to the tube to give Nigerians and the world the impression that he is fighting corruption? That’s very hypocritical. It is a monumental one for that matter. Compare what happened in Plateau State that earned her state of emergency and what had happened in Kaduna and Kano States respectively. Were the blood of those killed in just one local government in Plateau State thicker than those igbo men and women killed in Kaduna and Kano States.That’s part of his hypocrisy. If Nigeria is a nation where records and statistics are important, Obasanjo may have traveled out of Nigeria since being appointed president more than he has been in Nigeria and if proper auditing is taken by any independent auditor other than chief Joseph Ajiboye, it would show that what his travels has cost Nigeria is a significant percentage of what Nigeria owes international lenders. I don’t know how Obasanjo defines corruption? But corruption has been known generally to be, impairment of integrity, virtue, moral principle, depravity, inducement by improper or unlawful means, a departure from the original or from what is pure or correct, to influence action of the majority will, by way of bribery, change from good to bad in morals, manners and or actions and to be morally debased.
It is also known to mean employment of national security instruments against the citizens or use the said instruments to garner for ones self advantages, wealth, instruments, resources and properties that should otherwise not have been acquired if you are not in power. Also in the meaning of corruption is, abuse of power and privilege, the use of power to deny a citizen or citizens their source of livelihood because you or your government were criticized, as in the case of Savannah bank, or use your power to truncate or transfer a judge who delivered judicial judgment that did not favor you as a man in power, as in the case of Justice OkeChukwu Okeke, the withholding of probe panels and probe committees set up with national resources, as in the cases of Oputa panel and Okigbo panel on the Gulf oil windfall, etc, etc. Obasanjo was very much aware that his former point guard IGP Alhaji Mustapha Balogun was dismissing low ranking police officers for taking 20 naira from motorists and arbitrary transferring senior police officers who could not play ball, while banking millions of dollars at home and abroad unlawfully and forcefully collected from Nigeria governors, business men and women and ordinary Nigerians, yet there was no broadcast, only if Alhaji were to be an igbo man or a southern minority or a northern Christian other than a Yoruba.
He has made the usual noise, let’s see what follows after all. Perhaps part of his agreement with Babangida and the former northern military looters might have been that he, Obasanjo would be released from prison, pardoned and made president and continue with national policy of marginalization and exclusion of Ndigbo in the leadership of Nigeria and none establishment of infrastructure in igbo land in exchange for Babangida’s economic, legal and political protection as well as all those military looters who constituted the power structure that looted Nigeria clean and left her in a mess. Given all of the above one is left in no doubt that Obasanjo presides over the most corrupt administration in the world. He should stop making fool of him self, wasting the national resources junketing the world in search of debt forgiveness, it isn’t going to happen because the international community is no fool. Obasanjo should allow the national assembly to choose leaders they feel comfortable to lead them. He should allow political parties, social and cultural organizations to choose leaders they are comfortable to lead them. He should stop interfering and destabilizing other cultural groups, political groups or associations who hold opposing views to his. Obasanjo is not only wicked and vindictive, but also very scared of other people’s popularity, perhaps due to his intellectual and social complex. Obasanjo would go to the back yard and threw stone to the front yard and come back to the front yard and asked who threw the stone? He has committed several constitutional violations, but his attack dogs always provide him avenues for plausible deniability. Even though he lacks good sense of denial, because he lies too much that some times he convinces himself that his lies are true even before he makes his lies public.
OPC in Yoruba land has been threatening other citizens with fire and brimstone, and unleashing violence and murder on other Nigerians unmolested by any security forces in Nigeria, but hundreds of innocent igbo men and women, old and young were arrested playing basket ball and today they are languishing in jail, even when none of them was arrested with any fire arms or contraband instrument. I am glad that the world community is aware of Obasajon’s injustices on Ndigbo. I am also glad that he will never be president forever. Finally I am glad that the evils that men do live after them.

Chidi P Eze pceze@academicplanet.com

Next week, I will pay a visit to that Birom man called Mohammed Haruna.

He seems to have replaced Omo Omoruyi who took on Ndigbo and their institution—General Odumegwu Ojukwu. When he began to incur the raft of Ndigbo he could not withstand the heat so he has to get out the kitchen.

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