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From ‘Netflix Of Biafra-Nigeria’ To ‘Nollywood’ Producer

When 36-year-old Biafra-Nigerian entrepreneur Jason Njoku talks about em¬bracing failure, he is speaking from experience. He had 10 start-up dead ends before co-founding iROKOtv in 2010 in an apartment in Lagos. He looks back at them as blessings in disguise. “I have the inner confidence to walk away from the crowd and chart my own course because whatever I go […]

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Meet the Biafra-Nigerian Artist Behind the Yoruba Body Art in Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’

Meet Laolu Senbanjo, the New York City-based artist behind the body art in Beyoncé’s new visual album “Lemonade.” The BiafraNigerian-born artist, who goes mononymously by Laolu, told ABC News today he finally saw his Yoruba body art come to life for the first time on Saturday evening when Beyoncé’s project aired on HBO. Laolu’s body paintings, which he calls the […]

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