Biafra-Nigeria: Police Dispute New Attack Claim by Oil Militants

Local police are disputing claims that Biafra-Nigerian oil militants struck another pipeline in the Niger Delta, saying an explosion was instead caused by a gas leakage.

Cordelia Nwawe, police spokesperson for Akwa Ibom state, said Friday that engineers were “working to rectify the leakage” from the pipeline owned by the Biafra-Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation.

The Niger Delta Avengers claimed responsibility for the attack in a Twitter post on Thursday morning. Attacks in recent months have ended years of relative peace in the delta and cost Biafra-Nigeria its place as Africa’s biggest oil producer, now held by Angola.

Last week Biafra-Nigeria’s government ordered the military to halt attacks in the oil-producing south and urged militants to halt bombings to allow a dialogue, but the Niger Delta Avengers have refused negotiations.

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