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A Closer Look at the Issues

BNW Writer's Block

A Rejoinder and Commentary on some Issues Observed from Newspaper Reports of the 2004 Aka Ikenga-Ohanaeze Retreat at Asaba: Part 6 of 6:

Planning for the Ethnic Nation of Ndi Igbo and with the other Ethnic Nationalities of Nigeria

Oyibo E. Odinamadu, (Mrs.)

BNW Writer's Block

ABSTRACT: Igbo parents and guardians will have to be persuaded that their boys, as much as the girls, will have to go back to school and stay in school for as long as it takes to acquire the necessary education up to a definite stage. This will have to happen so as to come up with not only better informed commonsense solutions to problems but also, in addition, with scientific....
Oyibo E. Odinamadu --- (BNW)



Oyibo E. Odinamadu (Mrs.) (BNW)

The Osu and Oru caste system is found mostly in the Southeastern and South-central Nigeria called Igboland or Igbo society. This affects women very much in that it is a descent-based discrimination which seriously affects the choice of partners for marriage....

See also,
Part 4 of 6: Healing of Sore Spots and Reconciliation of Ndi Igbo Among Themselves and with Others

Part 3 of 6: Social Discord in Igbo Land

Part 2 of 6: Leadership and Followership in Igbo Society: The Umunna System as Against the Warrant Chief System

A Rejoinder and Commentary on some Issues Observed from Newspaper Reports of the 2004 Aka Ikenga-Ohanaeze Retreat at Asaba: Part 1 of 6: The Health of the Igbo Language for its Survival

"To tell the Truth: Something is Wrong with Nigeria, Part II"

"To tell the Truth: Something is Wrong with Nigeria, Part I"


Ozodi T. Osuji, Ph.D. (BNW)

Arrest the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of Nigeria, and publicly execute them. Make their killing a sport for the public to come and watch, as Romans used to go watch criminals fight with tigers or with each other until they expired. Punish these animals in the most severe manner. Their lives are worthless, and there should be no sentimental feeling towards them. They are contributing nothing to human evolution. Their passage through space and time is useless so they might as well be eliminated. Gather at least a hundred crooks every weekend, at most cities and towns, ....

See also,
Self-centeredness in African Politics, Part II: Why there is Polical Chaos in Africa

Self-centeredness in African Politics, Part 1: Causation

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Flag of Biafra Nigeria



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Rev. Fr. Eusebius C. Mbidoaka (BNW)

In the first place, Hume takes for granted the two criteria developed by Locke to access the probability of an historical fact. On a similarity grounds between the two, Locke advocates that the grounds for the truth of anything is the conformity of it with our own knowledge, observation, and ....

See also,
A Comparative Survey of John Locke and David Hume: On Miracles in Relation to Christianity in Igboland of Nigeria

Teaching Business Ethics in the Church: An Imperative for the Church in Nigeria

Religious Education and Religious Socialization among the Igbo-speaking People of Eastern Nigeria

Towards a Religious and Social Balance: A Challenge to the Church in Nigeria


Rev. Fr. C. Aham Nnorom, Ph.D (BNW)

Many scholars, including those of Igbo extraction, have been concerned with the resurgence of militant Islam in the Sudan, Indonesia, Palestine, and in the northern states of Nigeria. An increase of academic interest in Islamism and terrorism is noticeable since the bombings of US embassies in...

See also,
Freedom's Warriors: African American Churches and U.S. South Africa Policy"


NKem Ekeopara (BNW)

By the time he got back to the lodge, his books laid at his doorsteps in ashes, the door to the flat he shared with acolleague was ajar and from a distance he could see that his material belongings were all gone. He counted himself lucky because his flat mate from a neighboring ethnic grouping in the east was...





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